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here are all the participants so far.
You still have the time to join till 30th of November.

- Red-Bullet :bulletred: means I haven't got the Wishlist yet.

- Green-Bullet :bulletgreen: means I've got the Wishlist.

Please remember to send me the Wishlist by December 1st. Until then you can always send me your Wishlists.

EDIT: All the Assignments are sent out by now. Have fun! :heart:


If you have finished your work, please let the person himself know. You can either send them a note or a message on their

If there are some problems let me know!


1 :iconnadiaeve: :bulletgreen:
2 :iconwishblink: :bulletgreen:
3 :iconroyswordsman: :bulletgreen:
4 :icongaou-star: :bulletgreen:
5 :iconhellangel: :bulletgreen:

7 :iconcheckered-fedora: :bulletgreen:
8 :iconorangeyyy: :bulletgreen:
9 :iconninakuru: :bulletgreen:
10 :iconwhittacker: :bulletgreen:
11 :icontsuda-chan: :bulletgreen:
12 :iconpantsreminder: :bulletgreen:
13 :iconayexist: :bulletgreen:
14 :iconwikime: :bulletgreen:
15 :iconthe-eggnog-factory: :bulletgreen:

17 :icongaberiel-richardson: :bulletgreen:
18 :iconalessa-k: :bulletgreen:
19 :iconloorae: :bulletgreen:
20 :iconchao-illustrations: :bulletgreen:
21 :iconpochi-mochi: :bulletgreen:
22 :iconglaceau: :bulletgreen:
23 :iconcloudynine: :bulletgreen:
24 :iconvachuu: :bulletgreen:
25 :iconikanu96: :bulletgreen:
26 :iconpuddingpie: :bulletgreen:
27 :iconpepsicolatier: :bulletgreen:
28 :iconloika: :bulletgreen:
29 :iconfuwafuwa-kuma: :bulletgreen:
30 :iconkl-chan: :bulletgreen:
31 :iconeenii: :bulletgreen:
32 :iconlaponchi: :bulletgreen:
33 :iconlushan: :bulletgreen:
34 :iconlequiem: :bulletgreen:
35 :iconn-joe: :bulletgreen:
36 :icondepinz: :bulletgreen:
37 :iconkurot: :bulletgreen:
38 :iconkitten-chan: :bulletgreen:
39 :iconpiece5113: :bulletgreen:
40 :iconmeago: :bulletgreen:
41 :iconzaphylla: :bulletgreen:
42 :iconbluenblackst: :bulletgreen:
43 :icone-lien: :bulletgreen:
44 :iconlissyfishy: :bulletgreen:
45 :iconkurama-chan: :bulletgreen:
46 :iconzaaly: :bulletgreen:
47 :iconultima-effik: :bulletgreen:
48 :icontatouji: :bulletgreen:
49 :iconpandabaka: :bulletgreen:
50 :iconfestivewind: :bulletgreen:
51 :iconkanapy-art: :bulletgreen:
52 :iconfeyuca: :bulletgreen:
53 :iconyukiko-kun: :bulletgreen:
54 :iconniji-iro: :bulletgreen:
55 :iconcaria0: :bulletgreen:
56 :iconuiri: :bulletgreen:

Wishlists: 54/54

Be sure to control if your name is on the list. I'm also just a human and make mistakes.

Have a nice day :heart:
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Dear :iconsecretsanta2010: moderator,

I hope everything is fine with you. I understand if something is happening to you in real life; work, or maybe sickness. But please just drop a word of why you cannot maintain and correspond to our notes/questions the past month. I am sure everybody will be understanding. But please do have the initiative to finish the unfinished.

a participant
The-EggNog-Factory Jan 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
this is messed up... I STILL didn't get my secret santa...
EeNii Dec 28, 2010  Student Filmographer
I also didn't get it,yet...
Same with :iconchaotic-anime-power:, I didn't get my secret santa pic too... ;_;
Chao-Illustrations Dec 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I didnt get my secret santa pic from who ever it was Q^Q;;;
Hello, we were wondering if you'd advertise :iconsantas-harem: for us!

It is a workshop Santa that we have recently opened, and it is free for the public. :) Clients are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, but harem boys and girls (the working elves) will have their galleries reviewed before joining.

Thank you for your time, and happy holidays!
D: Fff~ I'd like to be invited to this ;_;
NadiaEve Nov 29, 2010  Student General Artist
id love to be invited ;3;
I'd love to be invited to this ss. ;v;! <3
WishBlink Nov 28, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I'd love to be invited to one of these *3*
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